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I'm not trying to focus on losing weight anymore, I know that eventually it'll come off because now I believe in myself and 3 WINS has helped me believe in me.

A free program that gives everyone an opportunity to thrive and promote future generations to becoming more physically active. 

Love this program. The instructors are amazingly supportive, knowledgeable and passionate about what they are doing! 

It is just not fair that other people do not have the opportunity to attend a program like this in their local parks. 

This program is magnificent because I've lost more weight in 3 months than in the 1 year I've spent walking. 

Lo que si es cierto es que lo que mas le gusta de este programa no es bajar de peso, sino mas bien la felicidad que le brinda a diario.

Their medical knowledge and Kinesthetic expertise is guiding me to maintain my independence as a senior, while guiding me to be conscious of my posture and breathing, to increase my strength in my 64 year old muscles tendons and joints.