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To our 3 WINS Family, 

In response to the recent incidents that have occurred in our communities and across the country due to the ongoing issue of racism and police brutality, we want to remind you that we are here for your support. We understand that these events have not been easy to endure. They have been draining, frustrating, and in many ways degrading especially amongst the black community. We want you to know we stand with our communities. We do not support police brutality, racism nor inequality. We realize that the importance of black lives must continually be emphasized. For we should all remember that it is NOT our similarities that make us strong, but our DIFFERENCES. We hope you remain safe. Remember to take care of your mental health, overall well-being, and keep moving.

With Love,

3 WINS Fitness

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What is Back to Basics (B2B)?

We believe you begin an exercise program with Hopes and Dreams. Back to Basics (B2B) is designed for you to develop a strength and movement foundation to achieve what you envision. Our objective is a better quality of life every day at work and play. We emphasize giving the time and effort to perform exercises for optimal results. We have free videos and will uniquely reach out to help you.  Join us at our parks or at the CSUN Parcourse when you're ready.  We're here for you. It's Back to Basics with a goal of Lifelong Fitness!

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